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how to care for your denim // luella & june


When it comes to caring for denim, everyone seems to have a different opinion. Some people are all about a rinse-wash-repeat with their jeans, while others ascribe to the less-is-more philosophy and keep the denim washes to a minimum. (There’s also the Victoria Beckham approach which is to not washing your jeans at all. As in never. Interesting.) But what about freezing your jeans? Until the other day, I had never heard about this trick. Just as I was about to throw my pair of Khaite jeans into the wash, I noticed the care instructions on the tag: TKTKTKTK. I did a little Googling and apparently this is a thing. People skip the washing machine and instead put their jeans in the freezer to clean them. Doing this is supposed to preserve the fit and protect the color from fading. Am I the only one who has never heard about this little trick? My approach to denim care has always been pretty basic: inside-out, cold water only, etc. But now I’m wondering if I should re-think my method. Are there any other tricks that I need to know?

My question for all of you: How do you care for your jeans? Do you wash them in the machine? If so, how often? Or do you have a totally different method? Please share!

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