designer spotlight   //   January 12, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Vera Neumann

I’m devoting today’s post to one of my favorite textile designers: Vera Neumann. Vera began designing the iconic scarves she is known for today during World War II. While searching for linen (which was scarce at the time), Vera came across an abundance of parachute silk at an army surplus store … thus began her scarf business. The famous “Vera” signature logo was created as part of the process of silkscreening her paintings onto the scarves. An instant hit in the fashion world and in Hollywood (remember this famous picture of Marilyn Monroe with the Vera scarf?), the scarves turned Vera’s once small business into a $100 million international success.

The Vera Company still exists today, and continues to produce items with the late designer’s graphic prints. You can also find some very cool pillows on Etsy made out of the Vera scarves. Keep your eyes peeled while vintage shopping for one of her designs!
images via Miss Moss
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