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Let’s take a break from all the movie talk (so many good films to see before the Oscars!) and talk TV, shall we? While I’ve shared my reading list, beauty favorites, and pretty much everything else I love with you guys, I can’t say that I’ve ever shared anything about what’s on my DVR and Netflix. And there’s lots of it: from the soap-y favorites (this. obviously.) that I watch each week to the shows I hate-watch and need to break up with (I just have to see how Revenge ends, ok?) to the old-but-new-to-me shows (see below) that make for perfect binge-watching and everything in between. It’s safe to say I watch a lot of TV.

Here, the two shows that are currently taking up my precious time.

The Good Wife:

This is the show that I can’t believe I waited so long to start watching. Despite my mother’s (and numerous others’) praise of this show, I initially held off. Why? Julianne Marguiles. Her character in ER (remember her?) bugged me and I guess I held that against her. Not anymore. Her role as a Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife has completely changed my mind. This show is so good. It kicks off with a major scandal (think Eliot Spitzer) involving Alicia’s husband (Chris Noth! Big is back!) that forces Alicia to return to work as a first-year associate at a law-firm. We watch Alicia climb the career ladder from there. Sex and corruption, a juicy love triangle, great writing, and an amazing cast of guest stars make this one of the best shows on TV. This is actually a show my husband enjoys, too (which proved a little annoying as I had to wait for him to watch some of the episodes). I’m not even going to tell you how quickly I binge-watched this show. Let’s just say I am currently caught up and watching season six on Sunday nights like everyone else.


I started watching this one on a whim. I was stuck at the airport and didn’t feel like reading another magazine. I downloaded the first three episodes of the first season and watched all of them on the plane ride home. I then proceeded to watch two more when I got home. No. This isn’t a sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat show. There’s no high-stakes Olivia-Pope-drama happening here. It’s a feel-good show about a family with a great cast (Lauren Graham! Gilmore Girls – another excellent binge-worthy show) that will make you laugh and cry, and then cry a little more. It reminds me a lot of Brothers & Sisters (did anyone else love that show and is still angry at ABC for not giving it a proper ending?). If you loved Friday Night Lights (The best show. Ever. Molly just started watching this one and loves it already.) then you’ll love this show, too.

The show I’m about to binge-watch: Happy Valley. The title makes me think it’s going to be a some 90210-high-school drama but its not. It’s a British crime drama that everyone is raving about. It even made Vanity Fair‘s list of the Best Shows of 2014. Has anyone else watched this yet? Did you love it? Hate it? Tell me.

You know what makes binge-watching even better? Cold weather. If you’re looking to hole-up this weekend (pajamas, a face mask, and popcorn, please) and enjoy a good session of binge-watching, these are three more shows are totally worthy:

Friday Night Lights (Fun fact: I was an extra on this show. That’s how much I love it. With the exception of a half-second where you may or may not see my ponytail in the background, I have no air time. It doesn’t matter. It was totally worth the twelve hours I got to spend on set.), Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Gilmore Girls, The Blacklist, Felicity, Homeland.

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