fashion   //   June 24, 2013


k. jacques sandalsFrom left to right: Zenobie // Ganges // Fringe

I remember my first pair of K. Jacques sandals. It was this Corvette Cuff style in a natural leather color. I ordered them from Shopbop  right before I left on a beach trip with my fam nearly three years ago. They instantly became a favorite, and I’ve been wearing them out ever since. (I wear them so much that I actually wore the buckle out. I had it replaced at Deno’s shoe repair here in Dallas.) It’s been a slippery slope after that. I’ve now accumulated my own little collection of the sandal (I have Shopbop and Dallas’ Cabana to thank for that). I hate to pick favorites but when it comes to summer sandals, these are it. They’re simple – which is what I like most about them. No major frills. Just a great leather sandal that will last you years. I mean it: years. They’re definitely pricier than some sandals, but they always outlast all of the others. They come in all sorts of different styles and colors. These days I’m wearing this style the most. I love the wrap-up, and they go with everything. I have it in the python leather, too. They go with everything and easily dress up my evening look. I also just recently added this pair in fuchsia to my closet. (Love that yellow color, too!) Such a good one. I’ll be wearing these sandals for years to come. These are the kinds of shoes that just continue to look better with time, you know?

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