color moment   //   November 5, 2014



While my closet is packed with a color palette of grey, white, and black year-round, this is never more true than in the winter. Cold months call for heavy layering and it’s just easier for me to do this when I stick to the basics. Not to mention, I love a tonal look – especially a gray one. The various shades of gray play nicely together which makes achieving that head-to-toe look fairly simple.And, of course, all of it looks good black and white.  Dark charcoals like this coat (Gap! Under $150!) pair perfectly with heather-grays like this cozy sweater or these leather pants. I also love the idea of a grey sweater dress with charcoal tights and some ankle boots. I bought these jeans last week and can’t wait to pair them a range of various grays (mainly this jacket that I’ve decided I have to have). There’s just something about winter that makes me want to cozy up in the color so I’m going to fully embrace it. I’ve rounded up some of my gray favorites here for you to check out.

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