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how to wear one color head to toe // luella & june

DEMYLEE Sweater (similar style here and here) // THEORY Pants (also available here) // STAUD Bag 

I’ve always had an all-or-nothing personality. I’m not one to tiptoe around things. If I’m going to go for it then I’m really going to go for it. This mindset applies to lots of things, including what I wear. This explains why I’ve never been one to shy away from color. I love to incorporate color into my looks – and when I do, I like to do it in a big way. The bolder, the better. Oftentimes, that means I go for one color, head-to-toe. The monochromatic look is one I love – whether it’s all black (duh) or something brighter, like pink. No matter what color it is, though, there are a couple of easy tricks to making it work.

First, I like to stick to simple silhouettes – nothing too fussy. Think: wardrobe classics like cropped trousers with a tailored coat or a silk skirt with a simple sweater. The second trick is to mix your textures. For example, rather than choose a top in a similar suit-like material to wear with these pants, I opted for a thick knit (similar to this one) instead. Wearing a variety of materials and textures give the overall look more dimension. When it comes to accessories, there’s no rule. Here, I added in this Staud bag in order to keep the all pink from looking too sweet. For the most part, I usually like to use accessories as a chance to add in a neutral like a brown leather bag or a pair of white sneakers. This gives your look a little breathing room and lets the color do the talking.

Need a few more examples? Scroll through below to check out some of my favorite pairings.

Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick

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