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christophe robin shampoo and conditioner

CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Shampoo + Conditioner

This is a not-so-secret secret: I rarely wash my hair. I’m talking once or maybe twice-a-week. (Klorane’s dry shampoo and Oribe’s texturizing spray are saviors.) I usually justify this with the logic that less washing is better for the hair. But is that even true? If I’m being honest, it’s really just laziness. My hair is long and sort of thick-ish and washing it feels like a work out. Where as I look forward to applying a face mask or testing out some other new beauty buy, washing my hair feels way more like a chore. At least that’s what it used to feel like. Thanks to my recent discovery of Christophe Robin, washing my hair is no longer something I totally despise. In fact, I actually kind of get excited about it now.

Here’s the deal: Christophe Robin is a French colorist and owner of the what is said to be one of the best hair salons in Paris. After seeing his name pop up in so many different places, I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Not wanting to commit to a full bottle, I started with this kit which includes travel-size versions of four “essentials” from the line. I loved all four of the products (the cream has SPF and is such a good leave-in treatment!) but it was the salt scrub that sealed the deal for me. It’s a game-changer. It’s this grainy paste that magically turns into the creamiest mix once you start lathering, and it leaves my hair cleaner and softer than it’s ever been. Trust me on this one. I now alternate between that and the purifying shampoo (which is basically the same thing sans salt). I follow the shampoo with the antioxidant conditioner. This is the one that seems to be the best for color-treated hair. It’s just super moisturizing, but it never leaves my locks feeling heavy or weighed down. Sometimes I skip the conditioner and go straight for this mask instead. (I’m big on conditioning treatments and masks. It’s a must for anyone that highlights their hair.) I apply it all over my hair – from scalp to ends – leave it on for five or so minutes, and then rinse it out. It’s like a big glass of water for dry hair. I took it along to Harbour Island with me and it was a miracle worker for my sun-and-salt exposed locks. I haven’t tried any of the other products from the line – yet! I did, however, just order his purple conditioner. It’s supposed to be a blonde’s best friend. We’ll see!

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