style   //   November 12, 2013


acapulco chair

I betcha didn’t know that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Acapulco Chair. (I didn’t either until I spotted this while perusing the latest on DesignMilk.) It looks pretty good for 60, wouldn’t you say? The classic chair has always been one of my favorites. It’s retro vibe speaks to me, and it reminds me of something you might spot in the background of a Slim Aarons photograph. While I definitely think they can work inside, I’m partial to the idea of having a set on my patio. They really make the best outdoor chairs. They’re a no-fuss chair with just the right amount of glam. (The best combination, if you ask me.) I think black would look super sleek, but, you know me, I would go straight for the color. This flamingo pink is right up my alley, and I could also go for a pair of blue (reminds me of a pool!) or orange. Of course, I had to post this on the day of our first freeze in Dallas. It looks like I won’t be enjoying any outdoor time on one of these in the next couple of months, but come spring, I think you’ll definitely find a few of these our patio.

acapulco chair acapulco chair acapulco chair acapulco chair acapulco chair acapulco chair acapulco chairImages via LA76 // Design Files // Design.District


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