outfits   //   March 28, 2017


charlotte olympia kitty flats

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Flats (also available here) // MOUSSY Denim

I’m a lot of things but a “cat person” just isn’t one of them. I’ve just never been a huge fan of felines. Dogs? I love dogs (especially this one). But cats? Not so much. That is, except for these cats you see right here. Charlottle Olympia’s kitties are the kind with which I can totally get on board. We get along just fine.

If you were reading the blog back in January then you might remember this post where I carried on about how much I loved the Olympia’s kitty slippers. The designer’s signature shoes have long been a favorite of mine. They strike the perfect balance between classic and playful. The slipper style is every bit a closet staple (I wear mine with everything!), but details like heart eyes (love!) and sunglasses give the shoes such a fun spin. I love that while the original style is still available (and every bit as good as it ever was), Olympia continues to come up with fresh iterations of the flats with every new collection. From “lucky kitty” to “flirty kitty” – it’s almost like these cats have their own personalities. At first, I was having a bit of difficulty selecting which pair on which to splurge but as soon as I saw the strawberry eyes and pineapple (!) appliqué, I knew these were meant to be. This is probably the closest I’ll come to having any sort of cat in my house – and that’s a-ok by me.

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