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During my renovation, I found that some of the most difficult decisions had to do with hardware. There are just so many little things (size? shape? style?) to consider, and I found it a little overwhelming at times. (I’m easily overwhelmed by these types of things though so perhaps I’m alone in this.) The most important of these considerations – and often one of the first decisions you have to make –  is the color: brass or chrome. There was only one room where I never hesitated with this question. That room was the kitchen. It never occurred to me to do anything but chrome in there. The kitchen was completely gutted so we had a blank slate, but I just never thought of anything else as an option. Don’t get me wrong: I love brass. (All it takes is one quick peek at my “Decor” section of my little shop to see that). And there’s plenty of it in my house. However, for some reason or another, I just always envisioned my bright white kitchen with chrome. For me, it was a good decision and I haven’t looked back. I love the way it looks set against the white countertops and marble.

Lately, however, it seems like chrome may be in the minority when it comes to kitchens. Brass seems to be taking over. It’s not just the hardware either. Some people are really going for it with full-on brass islands, backsplashes, and hoods. It really does warm up a kitchen and it certainly adds a glam touch. I initially thought this was just a trend but it seems to be sticking around. What do you think?

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