looks   //   June 25, 2012


If you’ve been reading this blog for a some time (or even if you’ve only read a single What I Love Right Now post) then you know I have a serious affection for Shopbop. Checking their “What’s New” section is a morning ritual of mine (not to mention, the cause of many an impulse purchase), and rarely does a morning perusal go by without something being added to “my hearts.” Until a few weeks ago, however, I had never purchased anything from their in-house label, Bop Basics. After just one order, I’m already really impressed with the label. They offer a variety of classic wardrobe items – including this jumpsuit! It’s a super lightweight piece making it ideal for warm summer nights, and it’s simple silhouette lends itself nicely to statement accessories (a belt would be perfect here!). I’m already adding it to my suitcase for next week’s beach vacay… 
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