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orange bike // luella & june

J.CREW Sunglasses // REBECCA DE RAVENEL Earrings // NILI LOTAN Top // ÉPICE Scarf  (available at Cabana) // FRAME Jeans // SOLUDOS Espadrilles // CLARE V. Clutch // ELECTRA “Townie” Bike

Research says if you want lasting happiness, buy experiences, not things (even though my BonBons earrings do bring me great joy). I guess you could say my bike is a combination of both. I bought it last summer and I can honestly say it’s one of the best purchases I made in 2015. Not only does the bike itself (I just love the orange color) make me smile, but the experiences it brings me are some of the happiest.

When I’m working from home (read: sitting at my desk all. day. long.) and need a quick break, I grab the bike and go for a spin. I love a walk-around-the-neighborhood but when the weather is this nice, a ride is way more fun. The bike has also managed to turn even the most monotonous errands (like running out of stamps as I did last weekend) exciting and fun. Finally, it’s an activity that my husband and I can do together. Sunday night dinners are a tradition and lately, we’ve made a habit of riding our bikes to the restaurant instead of driving. It’s usually somewhere right around the corner but this way I’m really spending time with him, rather than sitting in the passenger side seat and staring at my iPhone screen for the five-minute drive.

The only thing missing from my bike? A spot for Lucy. I guess I should think about getting one of these so we can really make it a family affair.

luella & juneclare v. leopard clutchluellajune143luella & june

Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick

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