accessories   //   August 19, 2010

BFF: Frieda and Nellie

Remember those friendship bracelets you spent hours making in your camp cabin? Well, they’re back. In a big way. Designer duo (and real life BFFs) Stacey Herzog and Sarah Reid of Frieda & Nellie take what was once a childhood camp staple and make it a grown-up, unique must-have accessory. Herzog and Reid began the jewelry line after a trip to Galapagos where they were inspired by the woven friendship bracelets they continued to see. When back in New York the two combined the bracelets with vintage jewelry from their grandmothers’ (Frieda’s and Nellie’s – hence the name) collections. Each bracelet is handmade and combined with various vintage jewelry accents. LOVE. I need to get my hands on one (or four) of these. Shop them right here. They’re just like the ones from your camp days – but better – except this time you won’t have to make them yourself.
FYI: The designers have collaborated with J.Crew on a collection of the one-of-a-kind woven bracelets for the company. These certainly add a younger, more fun element to J.Crew’s decidedly preppy vibe. The only negative here is that the bracelets are currently only available in two J.Crew stores in NYC. Hopefully they’ll spread from there!

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