best of etsy   //   January 25, 2017


jane birkin basket bag

J BRAND Jeans // Basket Bag 

I have an abnormal obsession with basket bags. I’ve acquired so many that at this point I think it’s fair to call it a collection. And what a good collection it is! I have all different shapes and sizes – from this teeny-tiny box style to extra large totes like this one. (Thanks to brands like Nannacay and Kayu, the collection is growing larger by the day.) One of my favorites of the lot is the most simple – and perhaps the most classic, too. It’s the one I refer to as my “Birkin basket.” If anyone deserves credit for making straw bags a thing, it’s Jane Birkin. The style icon was famous for carrying a petite wicker basket around her arm. I found my little lookalike on Etsy. It’s everything I love about a straw bag: light, airy, and, thanks to Jane, looks equally as chic with jeans as it does a mini-dress.

For those looking to grow their own basket-bag collection, Etsy is a great source. I did a little more perusing and found plenty of favorites – both vintage and new. Among the vintage gems, there’s this onethis one and this one. I also really love this one with the double-ring handle! If you’re looking for something new, I recently discovered this shop. I ordered one of these for myself. It’s going to make an excellent addition to my collection. Bonus: the price tag is under $75, making it a great gift idea, too!

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