beauty   //   January 18, 2016




There are a handful of beauty products that I would classify as life-changing and this mask is one of them. It sat on top of my bathroom counter for over a week before I finally decided to give it a try – but once I did, I was hooked. In just 10 minutes, it gives my skin that clear and glowy look that only the best facials can do.

Here’s the deal: I think this kind of peel works best with freshly-exfoliated skin so I usually start with this scrub and then I apply a thin layer of the mask with my hands. (Note: it has a gooey, almost glue-like consistency which feels weird at first but you get used to it). I then wait about 10-15 minutes (or however long it is until the next TV commercial break). There’s no tingling or burning or any uncomfortable tightness. Once it’s completely dry, I start the peeling. I start at my jaw line and roll the mask from there. The entire mask comes right off. The result? My skin is smooth, so soft, and, yes, glow-y. It has totally revived the dull and lackluster skin I’ve been experiencing lately (thank you, winter) and feels like I’ve given myself a mini-facial. The best part is that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. While some masks tend to aggravate my rosacea and leave my face redder than ever, this one seems to actually calm it down. It’s become my favorite Sunday evening beauty ritual – apply, wait, and peel. I finish it all off with a layer of heavy duty moisturizer (I’m currently loving this one) and my skin is all set for the week ahead.

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