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They say patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of it when it comes to my beauty products. I want results and I want them right now. While I do know that some results really are worth the wait (Retin-A, for example!), it’s good to have a few products that you can rely on to provide instant effect. Lately, I’ve been hitting up Philosophy products for these kinds of results. I’ve always loved their Purity body cleanser (nothing makes my skin feel softer) so I decided to give the Purity face mask a try.  Here’s my thing with masks: I don’t always have the time (or the patience) to be sitting there for 30 minutes while a mask “soaks in.” I really need one that will work on sensitive skin, requires ten minutes or less of waiting time, and packs a punch. The good news is that the Purity mask delivers in all three areas. Not only is it gentle enough to use every single day, but it’s super-duper speedy, too – as in 60-seconds-speedy. I apply the gel to my face, wait about a minute (the gel turns a white-ish color at this point) and rinse. Voilá! My skin feels smooth and has that I-just-got-a-facial glow to it. What more could you want?

Here’s the best news: QVC has an amazing deal right now when you can score the mask at a serious discount. You can actually score two of them (different sizes are good for traveling!) for less than $40. (Speaking of deals, this trio is a good one. It’s like summer in your shower.) Since I’ve had such glow-tastic results with the mask, I’m thinking about giving the cleanser a go. Has anyone tried it?

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