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Oligo product by DS LaboratoriesGLYTONE CLEANSER

I went to the dermatologist last month for my annual check-up. Once she gave my freckles the all-clear, we went over my daily regimen (which currently consists of simple products including this, this, and this) and discussed specific skin issues I’m having. One thing I’ve noticed are these mini-breakouts that seem to be popping up on my face. I’ve been blaming it on the change of season. To help the issue, my dermatologist recommended a glycolic cleanser. Since my skin is more on the sensitive side, I tend to be wary of anything that might be too harsh on my skin. She said to just use it twice-a-week in the shower to start in place of my regular cleanser. My dermatologist has yet to steer me wrong so I left her office with a Glytone cleanser and promised I would try it out.

One month later and I’m totally in love with this cleanser. My breakouts have disappeared and my skin seems to be “brighter” (for lack of a better word). The latter occurrence is due to the fact that glycolic acid is an exfoliator and removes the dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. When you think of exfoliation, grainy scrubs usually come to mind but this cleanser is gel and feels really soft on the skin. There’s nothing rough about it. It removes all traces of my makeup (hooray!) and leaves my skin with this extra-clean feeling. I started out using it twice-a-week as she directed but have actually stepped it up to three times lately. It really is gentle, and I haven’t had any issues with it causing redness or dryness whatsoever. Another plus: glycolic acid is supposed to help with dark spots (read: the melasma that seems to be forming in various spots on my face). I’ve enjoyed this cleanser so much that I’m even thinking about ordering the exfoliating body wash since I’m always looking for a good one of those.

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