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EYEKO Brow Gel

I’m pretty sure that nearly every girl has some sort of horror story when it comes to her eyebrows. Mine involved over-plucking and a wax gone wrong (I still have nightmares about this one). Both of these things resulted in super thin, almost nonexistent brows. They stayed this way for most of high school and part of college until finally a makeup artist looked me in the eye and told me point blank that my eyebrows were disappearing and it wasn’t a good look. That was all it took. (Honesty is a good thing.) I slid the tweezers to the back of my drawer (out of sight, out of mind?) and canceled my next wax appointment. I was committed to letting them grow.

Growing them out was a painful process. It took what felt like forever and those stray hairs drove me crazy (I literally had to restrain myself from the tweezers). Once I managed to make it through that awkward, patchy stage though, things started looking up. After four very long months, my eyebrows finally reached their fullest potential. Why hadn’t I done this earlier?

Brows require special attention. Ignoring them really isn’t an option. I realize that I’m never going to have bushy brows like Cara Delevingne but a little tint and some extra fullness doesn’t hurt. That’s where this Eyeko Brow Gel comes in. I had never even thought about brow gel until a friend of mine (who, by the way, has amazing brows) mentioned it to me. I decided to give it a try and just like that, I’m addicted. Here’s the deal: it’s a slightly tinted gel (a very neutral, light brown that’s supposed to work for all hair colors) that conditions and thickens the hair. It comes in a squeeze tube with a mini-mascara wand that makes it super easy to apply, too. It sort of feels like you’re putting a top coat on your brows. Just a light up-and-out sweep fills in the sparse areas and gives my brows the full, natural shape they so long for.

Has anyone tried any other magical brow products? Do tell!

Photos by Molly Miller

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