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While the winter weather here has me piling on the body balms (obsessed with this one right now), face oils and the like, Harbour Island’s weather was a different story. Leaving 30 degree temperatures for my warm and sunny (and a tad humid) vacay last week forced me to switch things up a bit with my beauty routine. The only rule: keep it simple.

In terms of makeup changes: I left my holiday-red lipstick at home in favor of this new coral gloss and I opted for the oil-free version (it has SPF!) of my favorite tinted moisturizer. For a nighttime look, I relied on my Aquaphor (can’t leave home without it) for a little glow and this bronzer combined with this cream blush for sun-kissed color on my face.

For my skincare, the major switch was moisture. I can’t seem to get enough of it right now in Texas but that was not so in the Bahamas. Too many of those creams I’m using here and I would have been a sweaty mess. Instead, I opted for this super-light drugstore favorite from Vaseline and mixed it with a tiny bit of this oil (it smells amazing). For my face lotion, I simply switched out this in favor of this ultralight one. That’s all the moisture I needed. In addition to SPF (this for my face and this for my body) of course, a few of my other beauty favorites included the Michael Kors leg shine (I’m obsessed with it and it’s becoming harder to find), this Oribe spray for beachy waves, and this skin-soother to calm redness.

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