accessories   //   August 28, 2018


How many is too many? Trick question. When it comes to basket bags, the answer is always never enough. What started as a few straw bags procured on various vacations has grown into a full-on collection. I bought my first one in Jamaica as a teenager. It was a tiny top handle with red embroidery. Since then, I’ve acquired straw bags from all over the globe, including Harbour Island (A&A is the best source for straw bags!), Charleston, and Italy. Each little bag is a happy memento from an adventure, the best kind of travel souvenir! In addition to handmade and vintage treasures (Etsy is a great resource!), I’ve also added to the collection with several new ones from the likes of Rebecca de RavenelHeimat-Atlantica, and this little shop on Etsy. (How cute is this Birkin-esque one for under $50?) It’s a well-rounded collection, to say the least, and the very best part about it is that it’s a collection that isn’t just for looks. It serves a purpose. Each and every bag gets carried – and not just in the summer. While the woven wonders certainly have a warm-weather air about them, I actually find that I carry them well into fall. (This one is too perfect for next season.) I think a little straw adds an unexpected element to a cozy fall look – think: this cream sweater and these jeans finished off with this straw bag.

Looking to add a few basket beauties to your life? Check out a few of my favorite online sources herehere, here, and here.

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