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j.crew top // luella & june

J.CREW Top // MOUSSY Jeans (also available here) // CHANEL “Espadrilles” Nail Polish 

Never does a Monday feel more like a “Monday” than when you’ve just returned from a vacation. Am I right? Our Nantucket adventure was pure happiness. The weather was perfect – swimsuits during the day and cozy sweaters (mainly this one and this one) at night. We spent our time biking, beaching, playing games, eating (read: lobster rolls, french fries, and lots of ice cream), and most of all, doing absolutely nothing. (Would you believe that I only opened my laptop twice the entire time we were there? It’s the truth!) Bottom line: it was exactly the kind of vacation I needed.

But. Now I’m back. And it’s a Monday. My to-do list is longer than ever, but the good news is that I feel well-rested and ready to tackle it. First things first: more coffee. Second: can we talk about the Emmys? Hooray for Big Little Lies!  So many wins! I haven’t watched The Handmaid’s Tale but last night’s string of wins is a clear indication that I need to put it on my list. As for the red carpet? Claire Foy killed it in that Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit. She wins my vote for best-dressed.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. Next on my to-do list? Getting this blog back on track. That’s where you all come in. I need a check-in. What do you all want to see? What type of posts do you all love and want to see more – and just as important: which ones don’t you love? Do me a quick a favor and comment or send me an email with any thoughts/suggestions. I’m all ears.

blues on blues // luella & june

blues on blues // luella & june

blues on blues // luella & june

Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick

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