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monogrammed tote

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten lots and lots of emails asking me various wedding questions (“Is it a good idea to change into a second dress at the wedding?” “Any recommendations for wedding shoes?”). The most common questions so far though deal with the bridesmaids. There have been questions  about bridesmaids dresses (I’m no expert there but I hope some of my recommendations have helped!), bridesmaids hair ideas, and – the most common – bridesmaids gifts.  I can’t tell you what I’m gifting my bridesmaids for the wedding since some of those ladies read this little blog and, well, that would ruin the surprise! Instead, I thought I would share the favors we gave to the girls on our trip last weekend.

My little sister put together the cutest bags for everyone. She ordered these super simple (and super inexpensive) canvas tote bags, and then took them to a monogramming place here in Dallas (Madison is our favorite!) and had each bag monogrammed with the girl’s initials – in neon thread, of course! The bag is the perfect size, and the monogram gives it that personal touch. It’s such an easy idea and works for lots of different of gifting occasions. There were all sorts of fun things inside the bag – heart-shaped sunnies, a bright pink Essie nail polish…but my personal favorite? The Marigot pajamas! You all know that I am a huge fan of Marigot. Their PJs are so comfy, and I love all of the print options they have. I chose four different prints for this: octopus, pineapples, sun and moon, and crab. There were lots of fun colors happening, and they all had a beachy flair to them. If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day gift, a pair of Marigot PJs might be just the thing.

bachelorette favors

marigot pajamas

marigot pajamasAll photos taken by Luella & June®


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