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After many post mentions and a Style Notes feature, you all must know what an enormous fan I am of Ashley Pittman’s. When it comes to favorite jewelry, Ashley’s collection is near the very top of my list. I’ve amassed a mini-collection over the last couple of years and I’ve got no plans of stopping. First, a little background for you: After serving as a volunteer for the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative in Rawanda, Ashley started the collection as a way to provide employment and training to the local artisans there. The entire collection – which features horn, semiprecious gemstones, and other materials indigenous to East Africa – is handcrafted in Kenya. In addition to employing over 75 artisans, Ashley also started the Ashley Pittman Foundation which donated 10 percent of all profits from the jewelry sales to provide funding for schools in rural Kenya. Does it get any better than that?

It does, in fact. The jewelry is so, so beautiful. Ashley has such an incredible eye and a way of mixing materials (this bracelet is a good example) that is totally unique. There’s a textural element to all of her pieces that really make you want to touch and feel each one. She’s also the queen of the bangle stack. (Check her out in action in the photo below. There’s an art to putting a good stack together, you know.) All of her bracelets – whether bronze, light horn, or dark horn – seem to magically mix together. In other words: one of her bracelets looks fantastic when worn on its own, but stack a few (or nine) on your wrist and it’s even better.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a preview last week where I got to peek at the upcoming spring collection along with some key pieces from Ashley current line. Just when I thought I couldn’t add any other Pittman pieces to my wish list (still crossing my fingers Santa brings me this necklace), the spring collection sweeps in. It’s oh-so-good. You’ll find some of her standards – chain necklaces, brilliant cuffs – updated in new materials and colors, and the statement necklaces are some of the best I’ve seen from her yet. She’s also added the sweetest little charm chains to her famous bangle stacks making them even more covet-worthy. Let’s put it this way: there’s lots and lots to look forward to with this line.

Scroll down to shop my current favorites from Ashley Pittman’s collection.

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