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ANNIE COSTELLO BROWN Earrings (also available at TTH) // RE/DONE T-Shirt

Last week’s post got me thinking about one of my newest statement favorites: my ACB earrings. Don’t let the picture fool you: these earrings might look quite heavy, but in reality, they’re light as air. That’s part of the genius of Annie Costello Brown. The California-based designer is one of my most favorite discoveries this season. With an eye for interesting shapes and architectural details, Costello Brown creates earrings that are wearable pieces of art. I’m obsessed! Her earrings remind me of sculptures (take a peek at these), and I just love how they’re bold, but delicate at the same time. This is a tricky mix and she’s mastered it. Did I mention that each pair of earrings is handmade by the designer herself in her tiny LA studio? Like I said: art!

I snagged this pair while shopping at TTH. Never one to resist a pair of statement earrings (hi, hi, hi), I headed straight for these shiny danglers. When I picked them up out of the case, I could not believe how light they were. The large size had me thinking they would be much heavier. Not the case! The only thing I like better than a pair of statement earrings is a pair of statement earrings that weighs practically nothing. (This explains my love for Rebecca de Ravenel’s Les Bonbons. Bold, but light as a feather!) You get major impact with minimal weight. Read: your earlobes won’t feel like they’re being dragged down and you’ll actually be able to keep them on all day long. I’ve loved my ACB earrings so very much that I’m thinking about asking for a second pair for my birthday. Hint, hint to any birthday fairies out there: this pair is pretty fabulous.

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