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I’ve had these images saved on my desktop for awhile now and when I couldn’t remember who the designer of the bags was, I actually typed into google ” chip bag clutch.” Poof. There it was. That’s because that’s exactly what these bags looks like: semi-crumpled potato chip bags. And that’s exactly what London-based designer Anya Hindmarch intended when she created the “Crisp Packet Clutch” (that’s how they say potato chips across the pond). Hindmarch has said that the bag was actually inspired by a bag of salt and vinegar chips. Yum.

I’ve always known Anya Hindmarch for her classic leather handbags – bags like this one and this one are what usually come to mind. (Although, she does have a way with glitter. Check out this sparkly little clutch I’ve been eyeing.) But the Crisp Packets are different. They’re more like wearable art. (Each metal clutch takes over seven hours to make!) I love the way Hindmarch took something as simple as a potato chip bag, something you see everyday, and transformed it into something really special.

While the metallic versions of the bag were all the rage this year, it’s the neon iterations from her S/S 15 collection that are sure to be the next favorite. Think day-glo colors like electric yellow, bright orange (my favorite) and lipstick-pink. These new styles are sure to produce a waiting-list frenzy. Good thing M’oda ‘Operandi is taking orders now. The early bird gets the worm – or, in this case, the crisps.

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Images via and Anya Hindmarch

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