design   //   July 15, 2014



I’m a little crazy about my kitchen. I like it to be clean. Really clean. My kitchen is basically all-white so keeping it extra clean takes a little extra work but it’s worth it. I like to keep my countertops pretty bare. I keep the majority of my appliances tucked away in cabinets, and, with the exception of a Nespresso, an orchid, and a bowl of fruit, there’s really nothing else out to see. However, as of late I think I may need to add one thing to our squeaky-clean countertops: a good catch-all. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen, and it’s inevitable that the day’s “extras” get left there. I’m talking keys, mail, loose change, etc. They need a home.

That’s where these All of a Piece comes in. Designed by Dana Canaam and Rachel Griffin, it’s series of modular tabletop elements that can be interchanged for various functions. The series includes a shallow bowl, an endcap, a candleholder (definitely need one of those in the kitchen!), and a flat tray. Each piece is made of marble, granite or wood and with the magnetic connections, you can basically mix-and-match that different materials to create exactly what you need: a cutting board, a trivet, or, in my case, a great catch-all. If you have a chance to watch the video on the website, you’ll see what I mean. It’s a genius idea, really. It’s a purposeful, minimal design that will suit my kitchen just fine.

All_of_a_Piece_8 allofapiece_cannam+griffin_10 All_of_a_Piece_6 All_of_a_Piece_3

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