design   //   July 29, 2014



The color pink is not one that usually goes unnoticed with me. I may to stick to the basics of black, white and gray in my wardrobe most of the time, but pink will always be my favorite color and thus my eye always picks up on it. Lately, I’m seeing it popping up more and more in homes – specifically as the paint color choice for a room. But it’s not just any pink. It’s a light, blush variation of the hue that seems to be the favorite. When you think of pink paint (especially a light pink), visions of nurseries and little girls’ rooms usually come to mind. However, that’s not the case here. These rooms don’t look juvenile in the slightest, and they’re certainly not girly. The pink adds a richness to these rooms. The lighter color allows it to work almost like a neutral but warms the room up in a way that a gray or beige simply doesn’t do.

The offices of Moda Operandi are one of my favorite examples of a perfect pink. They chose the color for the waiting lobby, the conference room, and Lauren Santo Domingo’s office. They committed to it and it totally works. I’ve also noticed it being chosen as the color for just one wall. I normally think of accent walls as being painted in a bolder, brighter hue but a light pink looks surprisingly perfect when set against white. Like I mentioned earlier, it just seems to add some warmth. I think adding touches of black (lamps, frames) and some brass polish it off.

I painted the inside of my closet light pink once. In my first apartment. But that’s as far as I’ve gone. It’s a color I’ve always wanted to try it but have just been too nervous, afraid that it would look a little too much like my room did in the first grade. I’m not saying that I’m going to paint my entire living room light pink but there is one wall in my office area that might could use a touch of pink.  I think I’m feeling inspired enough to actually try it out.

pink walls moda operandi pink pink DHome-jan pink wallsImages via Architectural Digest, D Home, Domino, Pinterest