style   //   December 13, 2013


tory burch brush roll



Just when I was thinking that it was about time to replace some of my old (really old) makeup brushes, this pops up on my Pinterest. Pretty genius, don’t you think? Not only is it a beautiful leather case, in a gorgeous color (orange!), but it stands to serve several of my traveling woes. Whenever I’m packing my makeup, my brushes just get thrown in with everything else. Unprotected and just sitting in my cosmetics case gathering germs. I’m sure there are articles written about how this is a major no-no in terms of hygiene. To my defense, I haven’t had anything quite as cute as this to pack them in. Now, I’ll have a new set of brushes (which I promise to start cleaning regularly…!), each with their own little compartment. It’s easy to pack and when I need to put my makeup on, I’ll just roll it out onto the bathroom counter. Makeup brushes are one of those things we need but if we have ones that are working, we’re not likely to replace them as soon as we should. That’s what makes this a good gift. It’s probably one of those things we wouldn’t buy for ourselves (though I’m probably going to) but would love to have.

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