style   //   February 11, 2013


Lucite Heels

1. LANVIN Sandals 2. KATE SPADE Illaria Sandals 3. DVF Patmos Sandals 4. LOEFFLER RANDALL Heddie Sandals

It started with these Loeffler Randall sandals. I was browsing Shobop’s new arrivals (it’s a bad habit of which I’m certain I’ll never be able to break) and once they popped up on my screen, it was like all I could see was that lucite heel. So good. (I’m normally not even into a short block heel like that. For me, the heel either needs to be high or not there at all. These are definitely the exception. But when is lucite not the exception?) The next day I spotted the Kate Spade pair and then I was seeing lucite heels everywhere. With cut-outs and sheer fabrics all over the runways for spring, I guess it’s no surprise that the peek-a-boo trend eventually made its way to our feet – which is exactly where the LR pair is going to end up on me.

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