this and that   //   May 25, 2012


What a week! I returned from Paris a few days ago and it seems like I’ve been playing major catch up ever since. Looking back at these snapshots has me longing to be back in The City of Lights. (Can’t I just move there for a year or two?) It was such an amazing trip. We spent the first few mornings visiting museums (the Marc Jacobs x Louis Vutton exhibit at Les Arts Décoratifs was one of my favorites!), and then, in the afternoons, my mom, sister, and I would sneak off from the boys and hit the shops. We wandered in and out of some of the most incredible vintage shops. I also picked up some goodies from Merci and Maje (including this Brigitte Bardot tee). And, well, the nights were spent eating, drinking, and eating some more. I’ll be sure to share more pictures in the next couple of weeks. I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend! 
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