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VINTNER’S DAUGHTER Active Botanical Serum // DR. BARBARA STURM Calming Serum

The beauty industry has grown so much over the past few years. It seems like there are more options than ever when it comes to skincare. A lot of them are expensive, but only some of them are really worth it. Here, 4 not-so-inexpensive products that are actually worth the splurge.

1. Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

I sort of feel like a broken record talking about Vintner’s Daughter yet again. But I would be remiss not to mention it (even if it is for the 100th time) on a list of investment-worthy products. This serum is by far one of the most expensive skincare products I’ve ever purchased. It is also one of the most effective. I’ve been using it for over a year now and have noticed a huge difference in the overall texture and health of my skin. My face is smoother, more even, and just more balanced. Even though the name implies that this it’s a serum, it’s really more of an oil – which just means that I use it after my serum and before I moisturize. (The order matters.) I do know some people that use Vintner’s as their moisturizer but I’m not one of them. My skin needs all the moisture it can get.

2. Dr. Barbara Sturm Calming Serum

The biggest issue I have with my skin is redness. It’s something with which I’ve always struggled, but as I’ve gotten older, it seems to have only gotten worse – especially around my nose. I feel like I’m always on the hunt for the miracle product that’s going to make it all go away. I’m not saying I’ve landed on that exact product just yet but I think I’ve come pretty close to it with Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Calming Serum. Just a few drops of this super light, milky serum is all it takes for a calmer complexion. My skin is noticeably less red (even my nose!) and within minutes. I use it morning and night, after my toner and before my Vintner’s Daughter. It’s also become a must-have for me when I travel. I keep it in my carry-on and use it right when I land to give my skin a much-needed refresh. Is it expensive? Oh yes. But a nose that doesn’t resemble Rudolph’s is totally worth it to me.

3. Kjaer Weis The Beautiful Oil

This one is a double-whammy. First: it’s a wonderful, amazing oil that I use on my face several times a week before I go to bed. It’s the last step in my skincare routine and it really seals everything in. It’s is also a really amazing primer. I learned this trick from a makeup artist at Forty Five Ten. I apply a couple of drops to my face and neck before tinted moisturizer or foundation. It makes my makeup look so much smoother overall, while also giving my skin a lit-from-within dewiness. The good news with this one is that while, yes, it is expensive, the bottle is actually fairly large so you’re really getting a lot of bang for your buck.

4. Kevin Aucoin Travel Brush Collection

The one thing I always seem to forget to pack when I travel is my makeup brushes. I’ll pull out my cosmetic bag, ready to do my makeup, only to find that I have no brushes with which to apply it. Annoying, right? That’s where this brush set comes in. Having a second set that’s designated just for travel has made my life so much easier. It’s a genius set, really. It comes with five brushes but each one is dual-ended so it’s really like you’re getting 10. The brushes are really amazing (smooth application!) and they  come packaged in this great grab-and-go leather case which helps keep everything extra organized in your suitcase.

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