best of etsy   //   November 1, 2016



1. Kate Pugsley

I can thank Pinterest for introducing me to the watercolored universe of Kate Puglsey. I can’t get enough of the Chicago-based artist’s illustrations and paintings. They’re so charming and just a little bit quirky, too. I love all of her outdoor scenes – especially the jungle ones (obsessed with this one that includes a girl wearing a fur coat). How adorable would one of her prints be in a kid’s room? This one would be cute in a girl’s room, and I can totally see this one framed in a nursery.

2. Nerd Sugar

Do you like sugar? I thought so. Using different shapes and colors, along with adding in touches of rainbow sprinkles and gold flakes, Nerd Sugar proves that even a simple sugar cube can be a little bit fancy. And as if plain ol’ sugar wasn’t good enough, you can also find flavor-infused (pumpkin spice, anyone?) options, too. Not only would sets of these be an adorable party favor (check out these for a baby shower!), but they’re also an excellent holiday hostess gift.

3. Katy Skelton

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Katy Skelton, but I’m so glad I did. The Georgia-based furniture designer creates unique products (all made in America!) that are simple and beautiful. I love her mix of materials – especially the touch of metallic she brings to all of her designs. I’m totally obsessed with her Zelda table. I’m pretty sure that would look good in any home. I’m also eyeing her Admiral’s Tray.

4. Inkspot Workshop

If I’m going to gift a candle (this is my favorite one to give in the fall/winter as it smells like firewood!), I like to add a set of unique matches to give it just a little something extra. If I have enough time, I might order a set of personalized matches from this shop. Lately, however, I’m also loving the matches Inkspot Workshop. While this shop has a variety of different offerings (including these fun holiday coasters), it’s the matchbooks I love the most. They’re simple, special and really fun. I mean how cute are these?! I love all of the different fonts, motifs (flamingos!), and gold-foil lettering. These would be a really cute hostess gift. I’m also totally buying a bunch of these and displaying them in a bowl at my next fiesta.

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