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color combos to wear this spring

MANSUR GAVRIEL Sweater (similar style here) // HANES T-Shirt // THEORY Pants // CHANEL Nail Polish in #634 // TDE Phone Case

“When in doubt, wear black.” It’s every girl’s favorite fashion trick – and for good reason, too. Black-on-black is classic. It’s flattering and always a safe bet. (Or maybe just an easy way out. You decide.) It simplifies things and serves as a fast fix when you’re stumped on what to wear. I, for one, love an all-black look, and I’ve certainly worn plenty of it lately. However, as spring draws near, I’ve started to switch gears. Black suddenly feels tired. I’m very ready to lighten and brighten things up with a heavy dose of color.

This season, it’s not just color in general I’m drawn to, but rather specific color combinations that I find especially appealing. Rather than always reaching for denim or black pants to wear with a bright top, I’m opting instead to pair it with a bottom in an opposing – but equally as bold – color. Designers, too, are embracing the rainbow right now, which means the options are endless when it comes to mixing and matching. While I really don’t think you can go wrong with any combination (go for it!), there are definitely certain pairings that I gravitate to more than others. Here, three color combos I’ll be repeating over and over this season.

1. Pink + red

Well, duh. I know you’re not surprised by this one. Pink and red is maybe my all-time favorite color combination. Ever. It’s a pairing I use for all kinds of things (including the initials on my iPhone case!), but I especially love it when it applies to what I’m wearing. These pants are the latest pink addition to my closet, and for spring I’ll definitely be wearing them with a number of different red tops – including this button-down I just ordered. In other red + pink news, I’m definitely going to have to have these pants.

2. Light blue + grass green

This one all started because of these pants. It’s the first time I’ve ever owned pants in this shade of blue before. I love the way they look with navy but figuring out what other colors work has been a fun challenge. Last week I wore them with this green sweater and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the pairing. I also love the idea of pairing the pants with a simple white tee and then draping this emerald coat over my shoulders. As the weather warms up, though, I’ll ditch the layers in favor of something lighter. I’m thinking something like this silk blouse. (On another note, I also love the way that this shade of blue looks with a golden-yellow. This top would make for such a fun pairing.)

3. Lavender + red-orange

It’s a candy land of pastels right now. While I’ve never been totally crazy for all of the pastel shades, I do really love lavender. However, in order to keep lavender from looking too sugary-sweet, I like to ground it with something bold. At the moment, I really love the way it looks with a bright red-orange. Adding this color into the mix immediately punches up the whole look. Sometimes the quickest way to do this is through lipstick. Tom Ford’s “Wild Ginger” is a go-to for me. That’s exactly what I plan on wearing to amp up this lavender dress.

What color combos will you be wearing this season?

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