shopping   //   September 16, 2015


I find the summer-to-fall transition to be one of the most difficult times for getting dressed. It’s not hot (that is, unless you live in Texas) yet it’s not definitely not cool enough for those chunky turtlenecks or heavy coats. What’s a girl to do? Invest in a lightweight jacket. This can come in many forms – from a leather jacket (black, beige or gray are your best options) to a classic trench. If you go for the latter: this one is on sale or, if you’re after something super light, give this short-sleeve option a try. I also think this one is kind of genius in that it can easily be converted from a long trench to a cropped jacket.

I love the jackets that work like a blazer, too. This IRO one is a perfect example: it’s cozy enough to keep you warm but not something you feel like you need to take off when you get inside. This little biker-style one (also available in this color) is a great find and happens to be on sale right now. The same goes for this one from Vince. It’s a gem of a sale find, if you ask me. You can also find some great options at even better prices from Topshop. The key is to find something that’s light enough for right now but will also work as a layering piece later in the year.

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