14 thoughts on “WHAT I LOVE RIGHT NOW

  1. Wish I knew how to fishtail my hair! Would make getting ready in the morning so much easier! Love these picks!

  2. The fish tail is actually super easy just takes practice…and patience!
    Part hair into two sections and then from the outward side of each pull a little piece of hair and add it to the other section (on the inward side). You just keep going back and forth like that. The smaller the pieces the more it will look like that image!

  3. That throw is beautiful!!! Might have to invest in that. And I’m a big fan of Kate’s stationary – love the envelope linings so much. Beautiful compilation! Thanks for sharing!
    xox Liz {celesteandpearl.blogspot.com}

  4. The fishtail braid is really esay to do, you just need patience and to have a lot of hair if you you want one as one on the picture!!! Anyway, this trench is really beautiful :)

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