12 thoughts on “WHAT I LOVE RIGHT NOW

  1. this is probably the best round up i have ever seen. i love absolutely everything, but especially the tshirt, the tumblers, the heels, and the milanos!!


  2. I always love these round-ups! Question about the tee – I clicked the link but they don’t seem to sell the shirt. Any ideas? Obsessed.

    • The link just takes you to the image source. Wish I knew where I could get my hands on one! Everywhere I’ve looked, they’ve been sold out.

  3. I came across the Milano cookies on pinterest sometime this week – hello, delicious!! I made a stop by Gap over the weekend and they had some fantastic pieces!

  4. Love that CelineMeAlone tee…but you’re right it’s sold out everywhere!! Maybe Santa can find one somewhere! haha And don’t you just LOVE everything at J.Crew right now, their jewelry is amazing and so is that Tibi dress!

  5. My kids and I are going to bake those Milanos. I just hope they come out as pretty as the ones in the picture. We’ll try our best. Can’t wait to taste them! Thanks for sharing.

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