Warm up with Hermés

While perusing through my folders of interior design images, I noticed that several of my favorite rooms have one thing in common: an Hermés Avalon blanket. With all of the winter weather we’ve had here lately, I sure wouldn’t mind keeping warm with one of these (preferably the orange one)! With its distinctive “H” pattern, this cashmere wonder is the ultimate  indulgence when it comes to home accessories.  Just like a Birkin, an Avalon blanket is a timeless piece, one that will remain in style forever (literally, forever). Unfortunately, it also shares something else with the Birkin: a hefty price tag. At $1,125, it’s definitely out of my price range, but I’m putting it on my wish list anyway!

It really does add a dash of fabulous-ness to any room, wouldn’t you agree?

5 thoughts on “Warm up with Hermés

  1. As irrational as it is… i just love these so much. I can't really even explain why. I usually hate things with brand names or logos, but these are so gorgeous! Happy to have found your blog. Thanks for stopping by Things That Sparkle

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