Topshop Peplum Dress // Aquazzura Sandals // Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses // Mayle Clutch

The peplum has been popping up everywhere – dresses, tops, and even cozy sweaters. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about the peplum. It felt a little too trendy, and I honestly wasn’t sure if it would be very flattering. However, I decided to give it a try with this Topshop dress (it’s under $100, so I didn’t feel like I was breaking the bank for this trial run), and I’ve totally changed my mind. Just like that. One dress, and now I’m peplum-obsessed. (I purchased this ASOS top last week, and I’ve got this dress on my wish list.)  They’re surprisingly flattering – especially when paired with a more fitted silhouette – and they add a fun, feminine detail to any look.

(Photo Credit: Molly Miller)

14 thoughts on “TOPSHOP’S PEPLUM

  1. I have this and I feel like every time the wind blows I’m exposed! Is this just my problem or do you feel the same way about the peplum skirt?

  2. Loving this combination, the peplum dress is fabulous and it looks fabulous on you!! I was skeptical in the beginning as well and have become equally as obsessed. Such a fun and girly trend.

  3. Looking gorgeous Bradley!
    I think that peplum dress is super duper cute. The red color looks gorgeous against your skin and I love how you accessorized with that adorable clutch and those lovely nude heels.
    If this dress looks this good worn very simply, just imagine the possibilities for layering and mixing it with other things!

    To be honest, I wasn’t really into peplums at first either. They really seemed like they would make your hips look gigantic!
    So while the rest of the blogsphere went ahead and went crazy over peplums, I distanced myself from them. Then, I realized that I had been wearing a peplum top for years! Isn’t that absolutely crazy? It turns out that not only are peplums fun, they’re pretty flattering as well.
    So now, I say a loud and resounding yes to peplums!

    That ASOS top you just got seems perfect for winter paired with some bright red (maybe a red bottom or some bright red nails or lipstick?)!
    I’m looking forward to seeing how you style it.

    Have a great week darling! <3


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