Structured fur handbags, embellished booties, gold jewels, bold prints and the cape comeback are what this fall is all about. I also love these Rag & Bone shorts – paired with tights, they make a great transition piece. Call it a wish list, but these ten items are my musts-haves!

1. ALEX MONROE Heart Ring 2. OR Leather Tote 3. RAG & BONE Shorts 4. BURBERRY Cape 5. AMIEE LYNN Belt 6. MARC JACOBS Scarf 7. PEDRO GARCIA Bootie 8. OPI Ski Teal We Drop 9. BORBA Gummi Vitamins

9 thoughts on “TOP TEN: FALL FAVORITES

  1. I love capes as well, just bought one and can't wait till it arrives! The marc jacobs scarf and nail polish look awesome as well, need those asap!!

  2. Alison we are going to have to tell Lindsey about that nail polish!! and I need some of those gummy's as long as they taste good.. anything that resembles candy I like

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