Ok. So these aren’t actually surf boards. They’re paddle boards. But they’re easily the coolest paddle boards I’ve ever seen – don’t you agree? In collaboration with Saffron James, Anthropologie is offering a small collection of these limited-edition boards. Each one has its own fun, color-rich print – very Madeline Weinrib-esque, no? I would head straight for the hot pink/blue one in the middle there. While we’re at it, have you seen the new surf attire from J.Crew? This pink/white striped top is for a modern day Gidget. Totally makes me want to take up the sport.

5 thoughts on “SURF’S UP

  1. It’s as if you read my mind. I’m currently in the market searching for the perfect SUP. I think you have brought my search to a screaching halt. I also live in the Dallas area, so I highly recommend taking up the sport and spending a day on White Rock Lake (when it’s a tad warmer). Also Town Lake and Lake Austin are both awesome places to SUP (and a really good excuse to escape Dallas for a weekend and get your grub on at Kerbey Lane and by grub I mean eat your body weight in queso!)

    Thanks for sharing!

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