Today I have an extra special Style Notes for you. The lady responsible for Luella & June’s brand new look, Hanna Seabrook. I can’t say enough nice things about Ms. Seabrook. Not only is she a brilliant designer and a joy to work with (she put up with all of my “Type A” behavior), but Hanna is genuinely one of the kindest people I know. I think the blog speaks for itself on her talents. She’s so creative and, if you’ve ever taken a peek at her blog, you know that she has impeccable taste. One of the most interesting things about the blogging community is the people you “get to know” just through online interactions – e-mail, blogging, etc. A lot of us have never actually met in person, but we’ve managed to become close friends nonetheless. Hanna is certainly one of those people. Here’s hoping she makes her way to Dallas soon, or perhaps a trip to Charleston is in order?

Soludos Espadrilles // Chloé Handbag // Books


  1. Love love love Hanna! Loved learning more about her. Greg Laswell is awesome and I also am working on “finishing” decorating but it seems to never end!! Urghgh! Great post ;) xoxo

  2. Operation “Get Hanna to Dallas” is now in full effect… Maybe if we convince her with coffee table books and… A Chloe handbag??
    Can’t wait to see you Sunday!

  3. Love me some Hanna!!! We carry her notecards in our store!
    And I love your new blog/site. Is it a website or a blog?
    If it’s a blog, which platform do you use? I love it. I am trying to get a blog going for our store in 2012 and am trying to figure out which platform to use….thanks bradley!!!

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