Leopard print is a fashion favorite season after season, but this fall we’re going to see it everywhere. The spotted print is the easiest way to spice up a simple look. Note: a little leopard goes a long way, so all you need is a piece here and there!

11 thoughts on “SEEING SPOTS

  1. Ah!! Leopard is everywhere and I totally love it. I almost bought those pants last week!

    I really need to break out my oldies but goodies I've saved — leopard flats and a leopard cardi. Oh I just realized I bought a leopard iPhone cover from JCrew! See, I have leopard problems as it is.

  2. leopard use to never be something i liked, but now i love it!!! such a perfect fall piece to add, whether its shoes, jackets, or accessories.

    love it all!

  3. We must be looking through the same looking glass because I am right there with you on seeing spots. In fact a couple of rooms that I just styled had plenty of spot abound.

    Love your whole board.

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