Perfect Pick: Equipment Shirts

Looking for the perfect boyfriend shirt? Look no further than Carine Roitfeld. French Vogue editor brings the boyfriend look to another level as she is literally wearing her boyfriend’s shirt. And now we can wear her boyfriend’s shirt too! The editrix’s longtime paramour is Christian Restoin, the creator of Equipment shirts. Restoin launched the shirt collection in 1976 (fun fact: Roitfeld and Restoin actually met when she was styling a shoot in the ’70s and requested some Equipment shirts) eventually selling the company in 1998. But the boyfriend’s back! The line is being revived this spring by Serge Azria, CEO and Creative Director of Current/Elliot and Joie, and Restoin will serve as creative consultant. This wardrobe staple serves up the ideal boyfriend style recipe: tailored, incredibly soft fabric and patch pockets. (I can personally vouch for this because I bought one myself last weekend). It really is the perfect shirt.

Get the look: and Intermix

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