Never again let your desk stall your creative process- it’s time to liven the space. To add color to my stark white desk I’ve been adding bright accessories. The quartz bookends and return address stamp are current favorites. I’d also love to attempt the DIY chalkboard frame! What’s sitting on your desk?

1. DIY chalkboard 2. FAWNSBERG address stamps 3.KATE SPADE paperweight 4. STICKIT tape dispenser 5. Quartz bookends 6. ZGALLERIE magazine holder and books 7. IOMOI stationary Images via Pinterest

11 thoughts on “FROM THE DESK OF LUELLA & JUNE

  1. I think a fresh white desk with colorful accessories looks amazing. I have had the parsons style from West Elm for five years now. It is a favorite. The quartz bookends are amazing…saw some at Homegoods recently, too!

  2. I've been dying for some good bookends, but on my desk is a photo of my family and my mile high stacks of Vogues and Marie Claires and Harpars Bazars and Elles and Instyles (oh my) which I use as thesauruses when I write my articles … hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do

  3. What a special desk, love all the unusual touches, and love a white framed chalkboard, so practical. Just got mine from Ballard and its already full!

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