These photos of Amanda Peet’s home in this month’s Vogue have already made their way around the blogosphere, but I had to post them anyway! I keep a binder with tears from mags that I look to for inspiration (most of them are more “future” inspiration), and these images have made their way to very front of the book. I love everything about the Hollywood Hills home: the whitewashed walls, the Spanish-style exterior, and seriously… that outdoor space?! My favorite part is the eating area/living room above. I adore the banquette seating (and all of the mixed prints that come with it!) and the use of color throughout. The room is so open and gives off such a welcoming, comfortable vibe. It’s safe to say that this is my dream home. Check out more pictures on Vogue

Images via Vogue 


  1. I am moving to a new place and loooove her home.. it’s my paint inspiration… you wouldn’t happen to know the shade of white this designer uses would you?

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