j.crew embroidered top

Have you all had a chance to peek through the newest arrivals from J.Crew? Their spring offerings (hello.) are starting to trickle in and they’re really, really good. I scooped up a couple of things – namely this coat (had to), these pants, and this neon-embroidered shirt. I wear button-down shirts (remember last week?) all the time. They’re a major staple in my closet. I’ve got my basics covered – a couple of blues (I have this one monogrammed), more than a few whites, and a couple of striped ones – but I’m always on the hunt for some unique, more fun options, too.

Since these types of shirts are my go-to, I like to have a wide variety of options. This neon pink option fits the bill, don’t you think? I have found some really good ones at J.Crew.  Take a look at this one, for example. It’s everyone’s favorite crisp white shirt, but that jeweled collar just gives it something extra. No. 21 has a cute short-sleeve option (love the lace!), and, of course, you can’t go wrong with Equipment. Find one with a fun spin and all you need is a pair of jeans and you’re set.

5N2A1012 5N2A10311 5N2A1039 5N2A1019 5N2A10361 Photos by Molly Miller


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