It’s about that time! With December’s arrival later this week, I’ve got red, red, red on my mind. I actually don’t wear red that often throughout the year (I’ve never felt it was “my color”), but during the holidays I just have to pull out a few red pieces here and there. I really love the way Caroline Seiber opted for the red-on-red look here. It looks so chic. But if you’re not into the tonal look, then just add in your crimson with accessories. ‘Tis the season! 

17 thoughts on “COLOR MOMENT: RED HOT

  1. I never felt that red was my colour either, until I recently had a red lipstick applied at a Bare Escentuals counter. Now it's one of my favourite colours.

  2. I have the same type of relationship with red. Throughout the year I never think that red is my color, but around this time of year, the red lipstick comes out and I start finding myself gravitate towards it!

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