Who knew I would like kale this much? Check out this recipe for a healthy and delicious meal … The J.Crew sale just keeps getting better. Score deals on sparkly jewels and adorable little flats, too … The thought of  chopping my hair has crossed my mind. This list makes it a real possibility … TGIF. It’s time for a cocktail. Try something new (and yummy!) from the bar at the Chateau Marmont … I’m always looking for a good foundation. (I currently use this, but I’m always tempted to try something new.) Here’s a list of the top ten foundations you need to know … Nobody knows how to trick out a small space quite like Nick Olsen. Check out his D.I.Y. secrets.



Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe collection (Carrie Bradshaw would be proud!) launches next month. The Coveteur gives us a little sneak peek. … Quadrille wallpaper? Matouk bedding? Plenty of color? Lindsey Coral Harper’s chic apartment has it all. … Speaking of color, Serena & Lily’s newest arrivals are out-of-this-world. My personal favorite? These placemats. … Let this essay serve as a reminder of just how important thank-you notes are. … Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest Goop gives me the lowdown on the vitamins I need to be taking. … In the spirit of a new year, why not give your inbox a fresh start, too?



This is a serious sale. Loeffler Randall is offering 60% of some of your favorite footwear (like these) and handbags, too! …Resolutions are tough. If you’re struggling to keep ‘em, read this article for some helpful tips … Who doesn’t have a love-hate relationship with carbs? According to this, they’re actually not so bad for you as long as you’ve got you’re timing right … The Polar Vortex has me craving sunny days and pool time more than ever. I’m stocking up on suits (like this reversible one!) from the newest Tory Burch swim lookbook, so I’m ready when those temperatures finally warm up … Raise your hand if you were the proud owner of an American Girl Doll. (I had Samantha. Her fur muff always made me swoon.) Turns out that they’re actually quite valuable these days. Read this to find out just how much your childhood doll is worth these days. E-bay, here I come … A new year calls for a decor refresh. This town house is just the inspiration we need.



My resolutions are the same every single year: be healthier, happier, and get more rest. Simple as that. It’s what I do to achieve those resolutions that changes from year to year. I set mini-goals that fall into each of the those three categories (taking more pictures is sure to make me happier, and swapping some TV time for reading time would work for all three categories). And I don’t make them all at once. If I make my resolutions all at once, it’s like I’m setting myself up for failure. It overwhelms me a little bit. Instead, I just set those goals throughout the year. It’s a little more manageable for me.

Yoga. That is what’s on my list right now. I’ve never done it, and according to this, yoga would help me achieve all three resolutions. (Anxiety relief? Better posture? Stronger bones? Count me in.)  I’ve always been a Pilates person (I take reformer classes here and I love it), and I guess I thought you had to be one or the other: a yoga person or a Pilates person. However, that seems to not be the case after talking to several people who take part in both activities. I’ve wondered if one or the other is better for you, but this article gives pros and cons for both. My exercise routine could use a little spicing up so I’m going to see if I can add in a weekly yoga class. I’ve done a little research on the various types of yoga (there are quite a few!), and while I definitely don’t think Bikram is going to be my thing, I’m going to give Vinyasa and Ashtanga a try. Thoughts? Like I said, it’s something I’ve never done before so I would love any and all recommendations. Let’s hear ‘em!

In the meantime, I can shop for some new yoga gear (I’m obsessed with these pants and have stocked up on my these tanks). That always makes exercising a little more fun. Scroll through for some of my favorites.



harbour island

MILLY Leopard Bikini // RAY-BAN Sunglasses

I’m back! That was kind of a long break, wasn’t it? I really didn’t anticipate to take so much time off. I even toted my laptop down to Harbour Island last week thinking I would get some blog posts done there. Well, that didn’t happen. Once I arrived, I felt my time was better spent swimming in the ocean, playing endless games of Rummikub (it’s my favorite!), and drinking beachy cocktails.  You understand.

We stayed at The Dunmore which is my most favorite place on the whole island. It’s a tiny little place with only 13 cottages – each of which is decorated with textiles from John Robshaw and Quadrille. It’s easily one of the most colorful places on island. There are punches of pink, coral, sunny yellow, and turquoise (the hotel’s signature color). It’s basically everything you want out of a beach house. It has this cabana-cozy feeling to it that makes you feel like you’re staying in someone’s home and not a hotel. The food was delicious and the drinks were even better.

We spent our days lounging by the pool and playing in the ocean. I alternated between my two new favorite leopard swimsuits – this one and this one – and I fell in love with Tkees sandals. They’re the perfect beach flip-flop. I managed to squeeze in a little exercise (I bought these in neon green right before I left) by partaking in morning walks with my mom and playing some tennis with my husband. We also did a little island shopping at the Sugar Mill and The Blue Rooster where I picked up this fab coverup from Juliet Dunn. I started this book and finished catching up on episodes of this (anyone else hooked on this show, too?). Sounds pretty much perfect, doesn’t it?

I have to admit that taking that break was exactly what I needed. It felt so nice to really disconnect (if you don’t count my time spent on Instagram), and I returned home feeling so relaxed and ready to tackle 2014. That also means I’m a little behind on blog posts. While I get caught up on those, here’s a little peek at what I was doing when I wasn’t blogging last week.

You can shop all of the items (like my very favorite sandals and my breezy-beach coverup) you see in the pictures once you scroll to the bottom of the post.

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bradley agather means This is it. The last day of 2013. It’s amazing how much happens in a year. I’ve been thinking about all of the wonderful things 2013 brought me – wonderful work projects, our first home that we can call our own, amazing traveling adventures (including a honeymoon!), and, of course, lots more fun with this blog. The very best moment of 2013 though was getting to marry this man. Every thing is better with him.

Happy New Year to all. See you in 2014!



444ed500ee48beaa255965c8d5cee781 Merry Christmas Eve! Can you believe it’s finally here? We’re snuggled up at my parents’ house where we’ll be celebrating over the next few days. Lots of family time. There’s really nothing better. I’m going to take today and tomorrow off from the blog so I can really focus all of my attention where it should be. I hope you all have a very happy holiday. Merry Happy!

Image via Design Love Fest



cashmere texting gloves Gifts are all about buying someone something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. (Even though I did. I ordered these gloves for myself last month. And I love them. So much.) Case in point: a great pair of gloves. These aren’t your typical gloves either. They’re texting gloves! With tiny little slits on the thumb and index finger, they allow for easy iPhone use. That means no more having to remove a glove every single time you want to use your phone. Did I mention that they’re cashmere? Even better. Sounds like the perfect gift to me.


a hole in the wall I do my best to keep you all updated on what’s going on, but I have to admit I’ve been holding back a little bit. It’s been a crazy few months, and I’ve failed to mention to you all the good news: we bought our first house. It’s such a special house, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. With that said – and I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here – it’s more of a labor of love at the moment. We adore this house, but it’s become quite the project. As you can see from this picture, it’s a house that requires a little (read: a lot) work. This is my first time doing any kind of renovation (I’ve always been a renter), and I feel excited, nervous, happy and overwhelmed all at once. Lucky for me, I have an amazing team of people (whom I definitely plan on introducing to you all at some point!) helping me along the way.

What does that mean for you and this blog? You’re probably going to start seeing a whole lot more interior design posts. I feel like it’s all I’ve been pinning and researching lately, and I think it’s time to share some of those thoughts here – not to mention, get all of your ideas and opinions! I hope that’s okay with you guys. I could use all the help I can get.



weekend links

Ah, yes. The age-old question: are you a Kelly Taylor or a Brenda Walsh? Find out here. (Spoiler alert: I was a Kelly.) …….  I’ve been having a difficult time getting to sleep lately. You, too? According to this, there are ten main reasons (I think #3 is my problem) for the lack of shuteye …….. It’s about that time. 2013 is coming to a close so we’re taking a look back at the past year, starting with the shoes ……. Be sure to check out Madewell’s SALE. You can score an extra 30% off + free shipping if you enter the code MOREPLEASE. (I already added these to my cart.) ……. Take a peek at famed photographer Cindy Sherman’s Hampton’s farmhouse. It’s everything you expected and more. ……. Shopping for stocking stuffers? Me too. This leopard pouch fits the bill.