There’s no better time to enjoy a cheeseburger than the weekend: the 11 Best Cheeseburgers Across the Country.

Thank you, J.Crew. They’re offering an extra 25% off any purchase (with the code SHOPFALL) – including all the new arrivals! I’m personally considering this cozy sweater, a pair of these leopard flats , this bright blue flannel shirt, and this perfectly-perfect striped shirt (because, really, why stop now?). I’m also thinking that now would be a good time to take the plunge on this coat I’ve been eyeing.

I’m always looking for fun additions to a party table. These bright piñatas would certainly fit the bill.

The best sale of the weekend: Waylande Gregory on OKL. Maybe it’s just me who gets excited to see his unique and clever creations (hello) – and when it’s on sale, I’m over the moon. This bowl is really tempting me and well, we all know I can’t resist a good pineapple.

Love white marble? Me too, me too!

Who doesn’t miss Carrie Bradshaw and the rest of the gang? Here, 50 facts you probably didn’t know about Sex and the City.

And a few more for good measure…

For all my brunettes out there, here’s a list of the 34 Best Brunette Beauties of All Time.

I have a thing for peplums rights now – especially when they come in the form of a cozy sweater.

Falling asleep has never been an easy task for me. (Any tips there?) After a few nights of getting just four hours of shut-eye, we accumulate “sleep debt,” according to this article. And we need to start paying it back sooner than later.



In honor of fashion week (read: month), why not add some fashion-editor-worthy touches to your home? I love it when One Kings Lane does this sale. I always find the coolest vintage things – like these lucite bookends and a pair of leopard x-benches, for example. There’s also some splurge-worthy extras for the closet, too (a vintage Rolex and a pair of Chanel earrings come to mind).

I’m always hesitant about wearing red lipstick. It’s a bold choice, and I’m always worried that I just can’t pull it off (even a red as good as this one). After taking a look through this list of fellow blondes donning a scarlet lip, I’m feeling a bit more confident to give it a try.

Brussel sprouts are one of those love it or hate it foods. I’m definitely in the former camp. I love them. I can’t get enough of them. If I see brussel sprouts on the menu, it’s pretty much guarenteed that I’m going to order them. What happens when you throw in a juicy apple and a couple of crunchy walnuts?

Nate Berkus has once again nailed it with his Target collection. The newest arrivals are some serious gems: a black-and-gold side tablegeometric additions, and gold accents like these candlesticks and this faceted vase. Did I mention that most of it is under $50? Sure is.

The last couple of days’ weather has been especially gray. It’s reminding me that the only way to brighten up the upcoming fall days is with a colorful coat. I happen to love the chartreuse hue of this one.

Speaking of color, spring is set to be a bright one. You can thank designers like Ralph Lauren for that. The American designer filled his runway with bold, saturated hues (and jewels to match!). Just one, quick look through this collection will put you in a cheery mood.



Thanks to Moda Operandi, I’ve been introduced to a new artist: Justina Blakeney. Have you seen her Face the Foilage  jewelry series she created for the retailer? They’re incredible. It’s magical (especially Twiggy’s). It’s jewelry like you’ve never seen it before.

Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop my reading list. I’m still in the midst of reading this book and listening to this audiobook, but as soon as I’m finished with those, I’ll be on to something new. With the help of Vogue’s Fall Books Guide , I’ll be able to pick a new read in no time.

Mango’s first shipment of fall is in – and they’re really, really good. From super-chic coats (under $150) to tailored blazers to sweaters in the perfect shade of winter-white, the new collection is one that will carry you through the fall season. (If you’ve got your heart set on a print for your fall coat, there’s only one to buy and it’s this one.)

What do you get when you combine Rice Chex cereal, dark chocolate, caramel and marshmallows? These delicious Millionaire’s Chex Bars. Talk about a yummy weekend treat. Yes, please!

There’s nothing like a beautiful film to inspire wanderlust – especially when Paris is involved. Here, 15 movies that will have you wanting to book your flights to the City of Lights. Or at least give you a list of movies to add to your Netflix.

What’s shiny and gold and leopard all over? C. Wonder’s appetizer plates. Pretty fantastic, right? You can score a set of four for just $48. (I’m going to go ahead and buy two sets.) Talk about a perfect addition to cocktail hour – especially for the holidays!




Clearly I’ve been spending a lot of time on Paperless Post this week. In addition to the cheeky and fun Happy Menocal collection I told you all about on Wednesday, there’s also another one to get excited about: Sugar Paper. Cocktail party invitations, baby announcements, save the dates – there’s something for everyone in this one!  I’m already a huge fan of Sugar Paper so having them right there with the click of my mouse is like a dream come true.

“Believing you can fix a shoe is like believing you can fix a man: it does not work.” How many times have you tried to justify a pair of shoes that don’t quite fit but are simply too good to pass up? It’s happened to me… more than once. Joyce Walder’s NY Times article is a good reminder for all of us shoe shoppers.

Summer is my favorite season so I’m sad to see it go, but I’m also surprisingly ready for the fall ahead. (Perhaps my anticipation has something to do with the August heat we’re currently experiencing.) What do I need to gear up for the cool weather ahead? This swingy little coat from ASOS. It’s full shape makes it a little dressier and will lend itself nicely to cocktail dresses. Not to mention, it’s a good deal at $135!

When it comes to being in the know on beauty products, models are some the best. Between fashion shows and photo shoots, they test out more products than you can imagine. (Plus: who doesn’t want to know what Karlie Kloss uses to get that glowing skin?) Thankfully, Vogue has compiled a list of the 10 products every model has in her medicine cabinet.

This weekend I plan to soak up every last bit of summer – and that includes the food! This tomato salad paired with a yummy Thai-inspired vinaigrette sounds like a perfectly refreshing appetizer.

Twenty years. That’s how long it’s been since the pilot episode of Friends. Kind of hard to believe, isn’t it? (I still watch the reruns even though I’ve seen every single episode at least ten times.) In honor of the big anniversary, they’re bringing back the coffee shop we all know and love: Central Perk. It will be one-month pop-up shop in Soho designed to be an exact replica of the one on the show. Oh – and they’ll be serving free coffee. Admit it: you’re dying to take a seat on that big orange couch.





I love seeing the spaces in which creative women work. Jenna Lyons certainly falls into that category. (It is, after all, where this magic happens.) Fast Company gave us this little peek in March, and the latest issue of Vanity Fair offers a even more of a look into the J.Crew Creative Director’s newest office – complete with Cherner chairs, loads of washii tape, and a neon green dinosaur!

Since we’re on the subject of chic offices, have you checked out this sale? With pops of color, super cool prints for the wall, and some vintage pieces, One Kings Lane will make your workspace the creative and inspiring hub it should be.

Next weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. (Where did the time go?) In order to give summer the proper send off, I think a picnic is in order. Rip + Tan gives us a recipe roundup with the season’s most essential ingredients. More watermelon, please!

Happy Birthday, Saved by the Bell! The hit ’90s TV show turned 25 years old this week. 25! Kind of hard to believe, isn’t it? I spent many-an-after-school-afternoon in front of the TV watching Zack, Kelly and the rest of the gang and their 30-minute schemes. If you can recall similar afternoons then this Bayside flashback will leave you feeling nostalgic.

There are so many fabulous new books coming out next month. (I’m going to share my entire pre-order list next week. Stay tuned!) At the top of my list? Assouline’s Young Hollywood. I love the work of photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank (her first Assouline book, American Beauty,  is still one of my favorites) and I just know this one will be a page-turner.

Take some time this weekend to peruse the new arrivals at Kate Spade Saturday. They’ve got the building blocks for a great fall wardrobe: basics like this and this that will become daily go-to’s.




Let’s hope Shopbop decides to keep these sales coming. The latest not-to-miss markdowns: shoes. From Rag & Bone’s most coveted fall boots to K. Jacques sandals to a perfect pair of sling-back pumps, this sale covers all your bases.

  • Everyone needs a good, strappy pair of black heels. At 50% off, this pair will certainly do.
  • Doesn’t everyone need a pair of yellow ones, too? I think so. (70% off!)
  • A super chic sandal for $56. That’s what I’m talking about.
  • I love the mix of textures happening here. This is a heel that works no matter what season it is.
  • I love Anniel’s ballet flats. They’re so classic – not to mention, super comfy. The basic colors are always a good choice, but there’s also this glitter pair for when you simply can’t stand another minute in heels.
  • Classic leather + a lucite heel? Right here.
  • I never can resist the pull of a pair of K. Jacques. (I practically lived in this pair all summer.) They’re on the pricier side for a pair of sandals, but here’s the good news: they’re made to last. You’ll be wearing them for many summers to come. Another reason that I’m going to bite the bullet on these.



Raise your hand if you love Clare Vivier. I do too. The accessories designer is most well known for her leather goods – including adorable foldover clutches (how does one even choose a print? they’re all so good!), laptop cases, and totes. Now, thanks to One Kings Lane, we get a tour of Vivier’s L.A. studio. Don’t you love behind-the-scenes peeks?

For me, a trip to the Big Apple is not complete without a stop at Barneys. More specifically the 9th floor of Barneys. Because that’s where Freds is. And I love Freds. It has of those epic (seasonally-inspired!) menus with so many delicious options that you can’t go wrong but, for the most part, you almost always end up getting the same thing. (The Palm Beach salad and an order of pomme frites for me!) After reading The Definitive Guide to Eating at Freds, however, I’m inspired to change up my order the next time I’m there.

I seriously just can’t get enough of Aerin Lauder’s home collection. There’s already a pair of these beauties in my living room (in fact, they’re the only thing in my yet-to-be-furnished living room), and now I’m drooling over her newest arrivals. These ceramic vases, for example. The tall gold ones are fab. Can’t you just see a gorgeous dozen of pink peonies in one of those?

As a book collector, I’m always interested to see what others have stacked on their shelves. This is especially true when it comes to designers, artists, and others who inspire me. Kelly Wearstler is certainly one of those people. Thanks to her online library, I not only get to peek at some of Wearstler’s favorite tomes but I can purchase them right then and there, too. The selection includes everything from fashion photography must-haves to rare, out-of-print gems.

When was the last time you had a Pop Tart? I haven’t thought about those delicious things in years – which is totally surprising considering they’re pretty much all I wanted to eat for breakfast between the ages of seven and ten. After seeing this homemade pop tart recipe pop up on my Pinterest, they’re on my mind. I’m actually craving one. I guess we know what I’ll be whipping up for our weekend brunch.

Ever feel totally overloaded with all of the information being thrown at you via Facebook, Twitter, etc.? You’re not the only one. It’s non-stop. And it’s really hard on our brains. This New York Times article is a great reminder that our brains need a break. A real break. Even on my “vacations,” I’m guilty of checking social media and responding to emails. This isn’t a good thing. Our brains need a chance to reset in order to function properly.



Darius Rucker’s Charleston home tour has made its way around the internet this week but if you haven’t already checked it out, it’s absolutely worth a look. Or maybe you just want to peruse it for a third time because it’s that fab. It’s a perfect example of how to incorporate color and texture into a home.

Shopbop’s sale just got better – and bigger. The retailer added hundreds (!) of new styles to the markdowns list. I already snatched this pair of Frame jeans, but  these sandals and this statement necklace have also caught my eye. And maybe I’ll grab this bikini, too? My summer could always use one more swimsuit.

I’ve long been a fan of Tracey Emin’s work with neon lights, and James Clar’s sculptures can certainly file under the same category. This new-to-me artist experiments with fluorescent tubes and 3D printing to create his large scale pieces. I wish one of these would light up in my living room.

There’s all kinds of potatoes (russet, red gold…) but there’s no potato quite like the sweet potato. It’s by far my favorite. If there are sweet potato fries on the menu, you can pretty much guarantee that’s what I’ll be ordering. This weekend, I’m thinking about attempting to make my own. This recipe sounds pretty simple. And that sriracha ketchup? Well, yum.

What is about geometric things that get me? These West Elm S & P shakers are are not only a great shape, but the metallic touch makes them too good to resist.

The September issue of Architectural Digest is out. The entire issue is a good one, but one of my favorite stories is the tour of Tory Burch’s NYC office. Loads of brass, orange pops, rattan, and animal prints: it has it all.



I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that it’s August. Seriously. Where did the summer go? I have these feelings every year when the first week of August rolls around. It probably has something to do with the impending return to school when you were a kid. That doom-and-gloom feeling. I think I still get it. I get in this panic to to pack in as many summer-y activities (trips to the lake, margaritas by the pool, outdoor grilling) as possible. The truth is, this summer has been pretty fantastic. I’ve managed to almost/sort of finish my house renovation (will it ever really end?), go on several weekend getaways, celebrate birthdays, and drink plenty of margaritas in between. The reason the summer flew by? Because it’s been so much fun. And the best part is that it’s not over yet.

Here, a quick peek at just what I’ve been up to the past couple of months.

summer1 summer2 summerjune summer3 summer4 summer5 summer6 summer7 summer8 summer10



Finding the perfect, go-to shade of lipstick can take years – but once you’ve found it, you hardly ever stray. (I alternate between this one and this one. Both Tom Ford. No surprise.) Why not let the editors of Vogue help you on your quest? Here, 10 editors of the magazine reveal their favorite shade. Don’t you want to know what Lauren Santo Domingo puckers up for?

Got a case of wanderlust? This will probably only make it worse. Violet Gray uncovers the top five beaches – including the one frequented by F. Scott Fitzgerald back in the day – in the South of France.  A girl can dream.

Calling all of my fellow blue-and-white lovers: Tory Burch debuted her tabletop collection this week. With the prettiest patterns, all of the pieces can be mixed-and-matched. (The salad plates are by far my favorite.) It’s a blue-and-white paradise.

Summer’s recipes usually revolve around lighter fare. It’s simply too hot to eat anything heavy. But sometimes you get a craving for pasta. This avocado and basil pasta dish should do the trick.

Don’t you love it when your clothes pull off double duties? That’s what’s happening in this J Brand coat. With its functional zippers, this coat can be made long for cooler nights or short for an edgier look. Genius.

There’s nothing I like more than perusing a good beach house – especially if there’s some color love. This Hamptons home is punched up with splashes of color and a mix of to-die-for prints.