bailey mccarthy via luella & june Style Notes is back (with a new look, too). And this time it’s here to stay. I promise. I’m not going to be a flake about this series anymore. I received several comments from you guys last week saying that it’s a post you all enjoy. So here it is.

I actually can’t believe I haven’t included Bailey in a Style Notes feature yet. (What took me so long?) For the unacquainted, Bailey McCarthy is an interior designer and the owner of Biscuit Home. She’s also the blogger behind Peppermint Bliss. Not to mention, she’s the mother of two-year-old Gracie and has another one on the way! If you’re already following Peppermint Bliss (and I have a feeling most of you are) then you know just how much fun Bailey is. I use the word “fun” because that’s really what she is. I mean who else do you know whose collections include Wizard of Oz Christmas decor? She has such a unique perspective on decorating and has a serious knack for mixing and matching.  You can see that in her own home (check out her before & after section), as well as in her Houston boutique where she sells her own line of bedding. I’m always so inspired by Bailey’s bold use of color. She doesn’t shy away from it and manages to incorporate it into everything she does – including Biscuit bedding. I especially love the Jenny print and the Fiona style.

You know what else is fun? The fact that Bailey and I share a love for Dawson’s Creek – particularly the amazingness that is Pacey + Joey. I like her even more now.

Images via Peppermint Bliss, A Piece of Toast, and IMDB


jillian bremer You all know how much I love vintage jewelry – and as much as I love hunting for it at stores around town (I should probably post a good list on those), it’s always a pleasure when I can do it from my living room couch. Thanks to Jillian Bremer’s  Sweet & Spark, I can do just that. Bremer co-founded the site with her dad (how cute is that?), and they work together to create a collection of timeless jewels. One of the best parts is that everything on the site is very budget-friendly (like these earrings) so you can checkout with more than just one item in your cart. What I love is that you know you’re getting something unique, something that you’re not going to see on everyone else. I was curious to learn more about the girl behind Sweet & Spark and I thought you might be, too.

Style File Questions_jillian


jamie meares Today’s Style Notes feature seems extra appropriate seeing as her favorite holiday happens to be Fourth of July. Meet Jamie Meares. If you don’t know her already, you should. Not only is she the blogger behind I Suwannee, but she’s also an interior designer and owner of the oh-so-fabulous shop Furbish. (If you all didn’t already know who Jamie was, I know that you all are aware of her shop because I blog about it all. the. time.) I Suwannee was actually one of the first blogs I ever read. I followed along from the beginning and watched as Jamie turned her passion for interior design into a full-blown brand and storefront. She’s so talented and such an inspiration! Jamie has such a unique eye (who else do you know that collects donkeys?) and seriously knows how to master a mix. Just check out some of the recent projects on her blog and you’ll see what I mean.

jamie meares (Images: Betsy Burnham // Mad Men // 4th of July Candle Set // Donkey Piñata)

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julia engel The Style Notes series was meant to be a regular feature here on the blog. It seems like I’ve been slacking on it lately, but that’s changing as of now! Today’s Style Notes features one of my favorite bloggers: Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam. Based in San Francisco, Julia has to be one of the most adorable ladies in the blogosphere. I love to click over to her blog to check out her latest looks (like this one here). She has such an easygoing, effortless way about her. She was sweet enough to fill out today’s questionnaire and let us in on a few of her favorites – and some beauty secrets, too!

julia engel



sally miller

Remember Molly’s Style Notes that I posted last month? Today, you get to meet her equally adorable sister Sally. The other half to A Piece of Toast, Sally is also an assistant teacher and a nanny (they call her the “baby whisperer”). What a busy lady! She spends all day with children – that’s patience right there – and then manages to find time to write a blog. She’s one of the sweetest girls I know and has this amazingly calming presence about her (another reason she makes a wonderful teacher). You’d think that with so much going on in her life that she’d be crazy stressed out, but somehow she keeps it all together – and look super cute doing it!

I had so much fun reading her answers to these. I was curious to see what similarities to Molly’s would pop up (as they tend to do between sisters who live together and edit a blog together). For instance: they both dream about living in San Francisco and they both claim Neulash as their tried and true beauty secret (you would too if you saw their long lashes!). The rest of the answers were very clearly Sally. She’s got her own unique style – one that I ogle over every time I see her. It’s really this mix of similarities and differences between the two girls that makes A Piece of Toast so good. Check it out to see for yourself!

sally miller

 (Jack Black Hand Healer // Olivia Palermo  // Chanel ballet flats)


Style File Bio-Molly

Here’s the aforementioned Style Notes post! It’s one of my favorites yet – and not just because her answers are so spot on (“I’ll never part with my nail polish collection”), but because Molly Miller is genuinely one of my favorite people. If you read A Piece of Toast (the blog she pens with her equally adorable sister, Sally), then you probably already know that Molly is a down to earth, hilarious, and super sweet girl. She’s just one of those people that makes you feel totally comfortable and at ease. (Not to mention, she’s an expert photographer. She’s responsible for the majority of the snaps you see on this blog.) Needless to say, we’ve become fast friends over the past year. I’m excited that she’s sharing a little bit about herself  here. Check it out and the head over here to get more TOAST.

molly miller

Fornasetti Plates // 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Tote


grace atwood You know those people who can spot an amazing necklace and say, “Oh, I can make that.”? And then when they actually do make it, their final product is just as good (if not better) as the original. I am not one of those people. My attempts at being crafty have proved unsuccessful in the past. Needless to say, I need a little help in this area. That’s where Grace Atwood comes in. The “sparkle-obsessed” Atwood has a knack for DIY projects (to say the least), and she shares each and every one of her projects on her blog Stripes & Sequins. From lucite clutches to Jennifer Fisher-inspired cuffs, there’s nothing this girl won’t try. The best part is that she documents each step of the DIY process, and she actually manages to make it look easy (which makes it less intimidating for the rest of us to give it a go, too!). Did I mention she’s also the director of social media at Bauble Bar? Social media maven by day and DIY queen by night… who knew? You simply must check out her blog to see for yourself.

grace atwood

(Images via The Sartorialist, J.Crew, and YSL)


sarah lederman, style notes

Have I told you all how much I love this Style Notes series? It’s one of my favorite things on the blog so far. I get to learn so much about all of these amazing people that inspire me every single day. (I hope all enjoy these posts as much as I do!) Today’s feature is is certainly that – and so much more!  Sarah Lederman is a full-time interior design student and blogger behind one of my daily reads Chevrons & Stripes. If you take just one at her blog, you’ll see why I’m hooked. Sarah has such an amazing eye for design and her blog (and style!) is so refreshing. Whether she’s talking about an artist she loves or giving her readers a peek into her new apartment, Sarah always manages to teach me something new. (She even inspired me to start my own list of 101 goals!).  Take a look at her answers and then head over to her blog for more inspiration!

(JOHN DERIAN Tray // JOSEPH SHEER Moth Print //Jean Seberg Photo)



It’s no secret that I have a serious weakness for a well styled bar cart. It’s a necessity in any home – especially the homes of those who love to entertain like I do. And I’ve been in bar cart heaven ever since I came across Society Social. The website is a menagerie of all things fabulous – and not just bar carts! You’ll find all kinds of gorgeous furniture (chairs, tables, upholstered headboards), pillows, vintage knick knacks, and, of course, all those accessories needed to make the perfect bar cart. Today, you get to meet the woman behind Society Social, Roxy Owens. I first got to know Roxy through her blog, My Cup of Te (add it to your bookmarks!). Roxy’s blog really gives you an insight to how fun and fabulous she really is; so, it came as no surprise when she decided to start her own business. Check out her Style Notes here and then head over to Society Social to get a look for yourself.

Images via Pinterest and Voluspa



Today I have an extra special Style Notes for you. The lady responsible for Luella & June’s brand new look, Hanna Seabrook. I can’t say enough nice things about Ms. Seabrook. Not only is she a brilliant designer and a joy to work with (she put up with all of my “Type A” behavior), but Hanna is genuinely one of the kindest people I know. I think the blog speaks for itself on her talents. She’s so creative and, if you’ve ever taken a peek at her blog, you know that she has impeccable taste. One of the most interesting things about the blogging community is the people you “get to know” just through online interactions – e-mail, blogging, etc. A lot of us have never actually met in person, but we’ve managed to become close friends nonetheless. Hanna is certainly one of those people. Here’s hoping she makes her way to Dallas soon, or perhaps a trip to Charleston is in order?

Soludos Espadrilles // Chloé Handbag // Books