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I have to admit that I have not been a fan of camo. In fact, if I were to make a list of  things you probably (never say never) will not see me wearing, camo might have been at the very top of that list. However, after seeing J.Crew’s latest lookbook – where camo has its own separate category – I might be rethinking that. (Leave it to J.Crew to totally change my mind on the print.) They make me seriously want these cropped pants and maybe even this vest, too.

Now I feel like I’m seeing it everywhere – Pinterest, editorials, street style. I like the traditional variation on this Equipment shirt and these R13 pants (or for more of a style steal, this is a great option from Gap), but I also really love the updated takes I’ve been seeing on the print. Like this Topshp mini-skirt. At first glance, you almost can’t tell it’s camo. Makes it interesting. I’m also swooning over Christopher Kane’s  camo styles – this skirt, especially.

I think I might be a camo convert. I’m going to give it a try. We’ll see. What’s your take on the pattern?


Images via Elle, Stockholm Streetstyle, Caroline’s Mode, WhoWhatWear

28 thoughts on “CAMO? YES OR NO?

  1. I would have been one, like you, to say that camo is not for me… however, after seeing all of these looks I may be beginning to change my mind! Camo YES! :)

  2. I’m a huge fan of camo – I think it’s here to stay. Have you seen the C Wonder camo flats? So cute but I don’t want to overdo it. I think you’re seeing it everywhere because of the TV show Duck Dynasty on A&E.

  3. I do like it, and I think you can get away with it, Bradley, but as someone pushing 40 years old, I think my camo days are behind me. (I know people will disagree with my age limit.) Perhaps a pair of flats (the C Wonder pair mentioned above is very cute) or a bracelet — maybe even a scarf — could fit in my wardrobe and my aesthetic. Otherwise, I’m out.

  4. I’m a big fan. It took me a while to come around, too. I always thought it looked a little bit trashy. Of course J.Crew makes it look like a classic – their styling is just so good! I bought an army jacket on ebay last year and some Gap skinnies this summer… and have a t-shirt from J.Crew on the way. And then I’m done!

  5. Hey Bradley! Love that you posted on this! I have always been a fan of camouflage. Maybe it has to do with the hunters in the family. Like Joanna above, I think I may be passed the age to wear it (and I am a decade above her!) That being said, I bought the cutest camo baseball tee at the Gap. Going for it!

  6. I just can’t do camo. I love J. Crew and I love paterns, but I’ll never be able to go for it. It’s probably because during high school I always saw people wearing ratty, tattered camo jackets that were three sizes too big. They just looked sloppy. I’m sorry, J. Crew!

  7. i like the camo, but when your son and husband are major hunters and camo is part of their wknd attire during the fall/winter, its hard to get into it.

  8. I’m with you on not being a fan of camo, but I also feel that way about denim jackets and corduroy since they made up most of my childhood wardrobe. I will pass on the camo print but I do love the olive, beige, and browns being more common this fall in sweaters, jeans, and coats.

  9. I’m the same-never would’ve gone for it until I saw J. Crew style it up-and suddenly I’m all into it! Think it might just kind of be a passing trend though, so I’m going to stick with just army green-feels a little more classic to me. I love seeing all the camo on everyone else though, so I hope you try it out :)

  10. I like how it looks, as long as its on trend, like the lovely pcs you featured. One piece with a simple outfit and an edgy necklace or other accessory.

    I wear an authentic camo blouse from my fiancees old uniform, and it makes it that much more special for me!

    keep on stylin !

  11. I’m loving the way it’s been reinterpreted this season. I have my eye on a pair of Joe’s Jeans trousers in particular. I definitely think you could find a way to fit it into your style. You already do prints and color so well. Why not add camo to the list?!

  12. I’m pretty obsessed with it — when I was in high school and everyone I knew wore camo for hunting purposes I totally enjoyed wearing it in a girly “me” way. I took a break in college, but recently picked up a jacket that I can’t stop wearing!
    grey et al

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